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Integrated Systems


Working together, the sum is greater than its parts.

Integrated Pumps

Intuitive, Versatile + KeyGuard

  • Intuitive: A "brain" in each pump helps prevent channel confusion and catastrophic pump failures
  • Versatile: Vertical stacking takes less space for increased versatility
  • + KeyGuard™:  Non-numeric keypad with simple arrows to help prevent manual programming errors related to zero vs. decimal entry

Integrated Reporting

DoseTrac® – More than data. Insight.

  • Real-Time:  Monitor infusion status and drug library compliance
  • Retrospective reports: Help identify trends and define needs for staff education and update protocols
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI):  Analytical service ensures meaningful use of data to help achieve 100% drug utilization, virtually zero medication errors, and reduction in alerts


Integrated Data

A complete system offering versatility, real-time data, and automated features with integrated partners for system wide compatibility.