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DoseGuard™ Software


Synchronized Intelligence™ Infusion Platform

Create and manage B. Braun SPACE™ pump DoseGuard™ (dose error reduction software) drug library with FDB Infusion Knowledge™ and set limits with confidence, reducing risk.

Online Collaboration

Simplify the approval process

  • Drug library audit and approval history
  • Remote access for approvals by individual approvers
  • Comment form increases efficiency by decreasing meetings
Access to Reference Materials

More efficient drug library creation

  • Drug-specific summary information compiled by experienced pharmacists
  • Easy access to reference materials beyond manufacturer recommendations
Drug Limit Recommendations

Reduce risk with built-in soft/hard drug limits

  • Reduce risk of dosing errors
  • Reduce risk of drug reactions
  • Reduce risk of nursing alert fatigue

To schedule a demo and learn what else B. Braun’s Synchronized Intelligence Infusion Platform can do for your facility, call 1-800-227-2862.

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