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DoseTrac® Infusion Management Software


More than data. Insight

  • Real-time Clinical Decision Support
  • Actionable Data:  Access to practice detail for trend analysis
  • Benchmark Reports (CQI):  Automated reporting to monitor performance
  • Analytic Service:  Ensure meaningful use of data to help achieve 100% drug utilization, virtually zero medication errors, and reduction in alerts*
  • Corrective Education:  Alert detail reveals practice patterns that lead to clinical insight into why trends are occurring

DoseTrac Outcomes 

DoseTrac Analysis Service

Monitor infusion status and drug library compliance with a real-time view. Retrospective reports help identify trends and define needs for staff education and updated protocols.

  • True real-time view
  • Enables quicker and more efficient response to alarms
  • Analysis pinpoints problematic programming sequence around alerts

Stay on top of which infusions are ending soon and uncover alert patterns that indicate a need to review drug library limits.

  • Improves workflow with Pharmview real-time status view to promote just-in-time delivery of medications without having to walk the floors
  • Delivers helpful insights for reviewing drug library soft & hard limits

    Biomedical Engineering
    Easily locate infusion equipment with real-time status view. Retrospective reports define peak usage times and departments for more efficient asset management.

    • Tracks pumps to remain compliant with preventative maintenance schedules
    • Asset utilization reports improve asset distribution & support budget planning