B. Braun Smart pumps help reduce
IV medication errors

According to a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), medication-related adverse events harm at least 1.5 million hospital patients every year. Medication administration errors account for 35 percent of all hospital-based errors – and half of those events are IV pump-related.

As a smart pump technology leader, B. Braun helped set the standards to integrate healthcare systems in partnership with IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) by creating the connectivity standards for medical devices. Learn more, watch a short video. B. Braun infusion pumps, in addition to providing state of the art infusion technology at the bedside, are a source of critical and valuable information. B. Braun Smart Pumps provide key data on all current and past IV pump infusions within the hospital to foster medication error reduction, drug library revision and operational efficiency.

B. Braun smart infusion pumps and services:

  • Help customers develop a drug library that meets their clinical practice needs and helps reduce IV administration errors and improve safety at all levels of care; from home care to critical care
  • Optimize your investment in smart pump technology. B. Braun provides clinical experts in Nursing and Pharmacy who enable a seamless adoption of smart pumps and ongoing support post implementation
  • Help analyze infusion pump data to identify key trends, as well as detailed data, to support your initiatives in reducing IV medication errors; DoseTrac® Software is easy to use, quick to implement (within hours, not days) and easily customized by clinical staff to meet their unique needs
  • Easy implementation and costing structure (watch video)
  • Enable healthcare professionals to focus more attention on direct patient care by using pump data to improve operational efficiencies and enhance alarm monitoring
  • Value-added clinical services can provide valuable information relevant to IV medication management and compliance with use of drug libraries to optimize your investment in smart pump technology and maximize IV medication safety