Outlook<sup>®</sup> 100ES

Outlook® 100ES Safety Infusion System

B. Braun smart pumps safe, reliable & easy to use

Designed to help prevent IV medication administration errors, the Outlook® 100ES Safety Infusion System features a large color display and extensive customizable drug library (watch video) that allows you to configure the pump to match your clinical practice.

The Outlook 100ES is a logical choice for hospitals of any size who need a safe, reliable and easy to use infusion pump.

Using B. Braun Smart Pumps, see how one medical center reduced their IV medication errors to zero (watch video).

  • Real time display of dose limit values during infusion for titration safety
  • Active alphabetic matrix for quick and easy drug selection
  • Proven delivery mechanism provides reliable and accurate operation
  • Air trapping cassette eliminates nuisance alarms
  • Enhanced battery life

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Outlook 100ES Safety Infusion System
Product Code: 621-100ES
Reference Code: 621-100ES