Outlook<sup>®</sup> 300ES

Outlook® 300ES Safety Infusion System

B. Braun helps reduce IV medication errors through outbound wireless communication

Incorporating all the features of the Outlook® 200ES, the Outlook® 300ES Safety Infusion System adds an integrated wireless card and the DoseCom feature to provide outbound wireless data communication of infusion status on the hospital network.

Use of the DoseCom allows hospitals to:

  • Save documentation time by sending infusion data to EMAR or EHR
  • Ensure no interruption to clinical workflow; data transmission is automatic, requires no user interaction
  • Capture real time infusion data using the DoseTrac® server software (watch video) that:
    • Helps reduce delivery delays with real time infusion status views
    • Maximizes medication safety by trending best practices (see study)
    • Provides enhanced communication between departments with customizable scheduled reports

For information on compatible pump sets, click here.

Outlook 300ES Safety Infusion System
Product Code: 621-300ES
Reference Number: 621-300ES